Quality Statement

OTB Airware uses only the very best high quality products available. Our items are ethically sourced from around the globe and processed in eco-friendly manners.

Staying true to using ONLY the highest quality products allows perfect consistency with each order you place. The look of the garments you order will stay unfaded and true to form through many washes, XC adventures or casually for every day wear. All art work is designed and drawn in-house unless otherwise noted in special releases by fellow pilots.

Using ONLY the highest quality products available gives a soft and stretchy feel to every item. From fleece interiors to 100% cotton fabrics, our lightweight materials are quality enough to wear around town as casual apparel and tough enough to stand up to the rigors of a hard core hike and fly comp.

We make every attempt to use only one fabric source and currently have only one product that is not used from that source. We searched far and wide to ensure that one single product was the highest quality available for that specific item to maintain our promise to you. 

From the dye to the cut, we utilize as few resources as possible and mostly within the United States of America for our products. We use just about 3 gallons of water per pound of fabric to dye our materials versus 21 gallons of typical vendors.  The fabrics are all pre-shrunk so they don't shrink after the first wash. With other fabrics, shrinkage of 10% or more occurs regularly - even after repeated heavy wear, our shirts shrink to a maximum of 5%. The process of pre-shrinking fabrics ensures the apparel items don't twist and carry a disheveled look even when clean.  We limit the products that do not use airlume processing so you are ensured a cleaner cotton with longer fibers that allows a more steadfast product. Apparel items stay smoother longer and look as good as new after many washes and days at the hill. 

Our products are hand cut and sewn to ensure proper fit every time. By using this side-seam method, shirts lay across your torso more cleanly and provide a fitted appearance while ensuring a comfortable wear. Traditional apparel requires less sewing, which creates less quality - at OTB Airware we go the extra mile to ensure your items fit properly and work hard to keep the pricing affordable for all.  THE

Because we use the highest quality products, hand cut and sew all of our fabrics, source from the fewest most eco-friendly locations, and design every graphic in-house we are able to prove that you can have a high quality product that is eco-friendly and still be reasonably priced. We stay true to our sister and brother pilots by ethically pricing our items to cover costs of manufacture, design, and marketing.